Chaitanya1 Projects Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (CPCPL) – is a professional enterprise dedicated to Project Consultancy, Construction Management and Structural Design in the field of Highways and Bridges, Traffic and Transportation Studies, Dams and Tunnels, Public Utility Buildings and Industrial Projects, GIS and Remote Sensing, Command Area Development, High-Rise and Energy Production Structures, Off-Shore & On-Shore Marine Works and the Like.

The activities of the firm also cover condition Survey, Non Destructive / Partial Destructive Testing, Diagnosis and evolving Repairs Rehabilitation measures as well.CPCPL has a dedicated team of over 100 professional staff with state-of-the-art knowledge of international standards in the fields of Planning, Feasibility Studies, Detailed Engineering, Economic and Financial Analysis, Project Management, etc.

CPCPL with a deep commitment to quality, Client's satisfaction and high standards of professionalism continuously endeavors to serve the cause of infrastructure development, after understanding our Client's needs and meeting their expectations, on time and within the budget.

CPCPL’s main aim is to maintain the highest standards in the projects it undertakes; Meticulous Planning in every field and attention to minute details are elements that CPCPL employs and strives to achieve, together with a proper blend of resources and efficiency at every stage of project implementation.

Company’s aim is to ensure that the projects undertaken by us are cost effective.


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