There is no point building a ton of keywords into

Algorithm changes such as Google’s RankBrain have all but killed your ability to rank well using keyword targeting.

I bet you’re wondering why I’m about to talk about ranking for keywords then, right?

Well, there’s a difference between using keywords and targeting keywords.

Keywords are just phrases that people type into search boxes to describe what they’re looking for.

They help search engines sort through the billions of potential websites and posts to find relevant content.

When I say “keyword targeting” is dead, I mean the way that we used to use keywords.

Due to advancements such as Hummingbird, search engines are getting much better at understanding the meaning of a search and matching results to that meaning.

In other words, matching the exact phrase is becoming irrelevant, and it’s much more important to match intent.

In the past, you found a single keyword that had low competition and high traffic, and you wrote a post about it. You made sure to repeat it lots of times and voila, you were on the first page of Google.

Alright, it wasn’t quite that simple, but you get my point.

That approach doesn’t work anymore.

Now you need to target user intent.

This is actually a good thing!


Well, targeting user intent makes it even easier to build multiple keywords into one piece of content.

I’m going to show you how to create content that not only has multiple keywords but ranks on them.

But first, let’s check out the likelihood of one post ranking well for multiple keywords so you can understand the competition.


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